Nice to meet you! My name is Jordan Wetherbee, and I am a designer and illustrator who specializes in visual identity within the music industry.

I got my start in the music industry as a touring musician. I spent 8 years touring and playing, and those experiences gave me a lot of behind-the-scenes and firsthand experience in understanding the music industry, and how best to provide my design expertise for the growth of my clients.

I got my start in design when I was nineteen. The band I was in was in need of some promo designs, and I dove headfirst into the deep end! A year into learning graphic design, I got my first paying gig, a year later it was a part-time side job, and in 2015 I went full-time and stepped down from being a touring musician in order to focus on the development and growth of my business.

Design in the music industry is a reflection and extension of the story being told by the artist(s). It’s objective is express the message and heart of the songs and their artists. My goal is to connect with my clients personally and create work that further communicates and represents where they’re at in their music career, as well as propel them into the future.

People say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but we all do it. Let’s give them something worthy of judgement.

– Jordan Wetherbee