Link Magazine Redesign

In May of last year, a regular client of mine, approached me with the offer to take over the creation of Link, their monthly publication, and the option of doing a redesign in the near future. I jumped at the opportunity to have a project where I could excel and stretch my InDesign skills.

After producing a couple issues with the current design template, I tackled the redesign. My first, and biggest, change was to modify the size from 8.5×11 to 8×8. This downsize minimized the excess space that was being unused most months due to minimal content. I proceeded to create a color palette that matched the branding identity of the church, yet brought a custom flare and originality to the magazine. I used 3 hues, and established a monochromatic palette based around each of the hues. This helped to create unity from month-to-month, and left room for me to use some seasonal colors as well. When choosing new font families, I looked for a combination that provided a modern edge, while still having the readability for text body, and has generational appeal. I created visual elements that would be able to be used for headers of varying content and text, and stylistic imagery that would become recognizable as the identity and brand elements of the new look. In the end, I was quite satisfied with the redesign and advancement of Link magazine. Take a look at the content below to see the original Link design, as well as a few of the redesign issues.


Original Link Design:

  New Link Design: